Normalcy and Ally McBeal

Getting over the flu has not been easy, this past week I have been, well weak. I almost passed out twice in the shower, I don’t know if it was a combination of the heat and the steam or what. But today, I feel actually stronger than I have in a while.

Next week I will be back to my regular schedule, which includes working out. I am also doing my meal prep today, for the first time in quite a while.

This will consist of lemon pepper chicken, couscous and broccoli for lunch. Dinner will be salmon, sweet potato and broccoli. I am a creature of habit, since I don’t like cooking, making the same thing is easy for me. No, I don’t get bored, in fact I am a fan of sameness.

I really haven’t eaten a lot since getting sick, nothing has tasted good, that could account for the weakness last week.

I finally received my Doterra Cleanse package, I will be starting after my birthday. I really don’t feel like having a birthday celebration in the middle of a cleanse. It seems cruel, to myself, since I am not in the mood to be cruel to myself, after my birthday it is.

Back in the 1990s to early 2000s there was a show called Ally McBeal. I am going to admit I didn’t watch a lot of this show, just a once in a while kind of thing. When the shows I did watch were on hiatus and this was the only thing on that I hadn’t seen. This was in the days before streaming was around.

There is one episode that I saw that has stuck with me, after all this time, I still remember it. Ally had a client that wanted to be in a coma, she wanted to be medically induced. She wanted to live her life out in the coma, as her dream world was way better than her real life world.

She was older, she had never married and never had children, but in her dream world she was married, had children and even grandchildren.

She wanted to live in that world for the rest of her days. So off to court they go, with Ally leading the charge to enable her client to live out the rest of her life in a dream world.

I don’t remember the outcome of the episode, it was the premise that has stuck with me all of this time.

I live a lot in my head, and truth be told, what is in there, at times, is much better than what is out here.

Well, that used to be the case, not so much anymore, my real life is amazingly good these days.

But before April 2017, it was bad, and I did live a lot in my head and that life was imminently better that was going on in the real world. If faced with the opportunity to live in a coma or continue on in the world I was in at the time, I have to wonder what my decision would have been.

Considering I have amazing children and a granddaughter that very literally hung the moon, I would have chosen not to be in the coma.

However, if I didn’t have children or a granddaughter and the rest had been going on, I would have chosen the coma. A coma would have been preferable to what was going on in my life.

I do have a tendency to live a lot in my head, in my books and through my television shows. I don’t live a lot in the real world, I honestly don’t want to, people are not nice in the real world. In my head I can be interesting and beautiful, in the real world I am lesser than that.

The more I think about it the more I am convinced that I really won’t date again, simply due to the fact that there is no one that can stand up to what I believe Dean Cain is. I realize how crazy that sounds, and yet I don’t care.

If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to leave them here or email me at Peace out peeps.


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