Elizabeth Anne

So today, 29 years ago I got the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten in my entire life. Elizabeth Anne entered into this world and life was never the same.

I knew she was a girl before she was born, I knew she would have long dark hair and would be perfection. I was not wrong.

She is everything I could have wanted in a daughter. She is smart, loyal, funny, caring, strong and unbelievably beautiful.

I often say I don’t know what I did in life to deserve the children God gave me, I’m just happy He gave me the ones I have. They are all amazing humans.

I’m constantly amazed at Elizabeth’s life, all of her responsibilities, the strength she has to face them all. Both physically and mentally, I, of course, like to think I had something to do with how she turned out.

Elizabeth Anne, I hope you enjoy your day, it is fortuitous that you are a February girl. I am so happy we share the month. I love you beyond words.

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