Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the memorial service for my friend Gail. She had an amazing send off and I know she would have been humbled to hear all of the words of praise directed towards her.

I talk about funerals a lot, I have been attending them since I was 5 years old. I don’t think a year goes by without me going to one.

Saying goodbye is never easy, but saying goodbye when you know it isn’t goodbye, it is a see you later is a joyous happening. I know without one doubt I will see Gail again, I will get to tell her if Tessa really did name a daughter after her. That is a story all in itself. I will see her infectious smile again, hear her laughter and catch up on everything she has seen and done in Heaven.

The drive home was not a happy occassion, there was a semi overturned and gas was everywhere. They shut the entire highway down, the entire highway, both sides.

It literally took me almost 4 hours to go less than 5 miles.

I posted it on Facebook, one woman thought it was hysterical. I took umbrage with her assessment, naturally. I don’t even know what kind of person finds that funny. I most certainly would not find it funny if someone said they were stuck like that. This was not a traffic jam, let’s be clear, I leave far enough out where those are not an issue. This was the whole highway shutting down for a semi truck driver that could not control his truck. The second time this year, I believe, in the same spot. What is going on that truck drivers are doing this? I hate driving next to those semis, I had one that almost pushed me off of a bridge in Oklahoma. Since then I have hated driving anywhere near them. The drivers don’t pay attention, they believe the road belongs to them and they don’t care how many wrecks they cause. Isn’t there some kind of test before they get their commercial license? There should be a better one if there is.

Well I broke down and have bought a new washer, it will be here today. I tried to have my old one repaired, the repair man was extremely aged and I thought he was going to have a stroke or heart attack working on my machine. There were many grunts, groans and profuse sweating, after three hours he said he couldn’t fix it. Now I will tell you that whatever he did, made it work for a few weeks. Maybe all that pushing and pulling did something, so it lasted a little longer. The new one will be here today, thank goodness.

That’s all I really have for now, there are a lot of things in my head, but none that can or should come out right now.

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