I have a confession to make, it’s a little embarrassing, ok a lot embarrassing. I don’t even know if I want to admit this, even to myself, perhaps saying the words out loud will help me begin to heal.

I think I’m turning into a hippie, I know! The embarrassment! Ok, so stay with me, I’ll get to why I believe such an outrageous thing.

It’s not the healthy eating, the going organic has always been in my DNA. I come from farm stock, to us organic is just food. Real food, grown in your garden food, it is not surprising I would return to this. No, it’s not that in itself, the unhealthy attachment I am developing witch Whole Foods is one factor.

But that in itself is not enough, perhaps it is the pesticide free cleaning supplies I am purchasing or maybe it’s the essential oil obsession.

Yes, that is the one, lately I have really gotten into essential oils. Their purpose, their uses, what ailments can they cure. I’ve never liked going to the doctor. Now before anyone criticizes me, if I found a lump or had serious symptoms I would consult a physician.

There are some things though, that home remedies are best. I don’t feel the need to pump my body full of antibiotics or painkillers when I can take care of simple ailments naturally. I fully believe God has given us so much on this earth we can use. I also believe He gave us doctors as well.

Am I turning into a hippie? I hope not, I enjoy using underarm deodorant too much for that to happen.

But I am going to continue to explore oils and herbs and spices for healing and cleaning.

If anyone ever sees me in Birkenstocks and flowy things, for the love of all that is holy please hit me.

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