Adoption Rant

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, anyone who knows me knows that.

Something was said that I cannot shake, what I am about to say may be shocking to some, others not so much, but fair warning there might be some strong language.

So, everyone by now knows or should know that I have a daughter I gave up for adoption. Not a secret, I am not her mother, but she is my daughter, an odd thing, I know, but there it is.

She did a DNA test, finding out I actually supplied 90% of her DNA. Which is a good thing, she posted about it, someone said oh you can upload your results to this other site and it will actually tell you if your birth parents were related. hahahahaha. Not funny.

I want to say I in no way shape or form had sex with a relative to give birth to her. I am not some toothless whore from the backwoods of whatever. Who the hell says something like that then laughs about it. What the hell.

Not every one of us that have had a child in our teenage years and given up for adoption are barefoot, backwoods, backward, incestuous creatures.

I have no idea what this person was thinking, but it was seriously a thoughtless post.

Once again this is not in any way shape or form directed to my daughter. She does not think that, it was the other person, who in all honesty, I can’t remember her name. Nor would I say it here.

I was not uneducated, backwards, toothless or mentally deficient in any way. Maybe I was stupid for having sex that young and unprotected at that, but I wasn’t a complete drooling idiot.

So there you have it, a rant I had to get out. People should think before posting crap like that.

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