Dean Who?

Alexa did not disappoint me today, I said Alexa, play the BeeGees, I am now being serenaded by the best voices the ’70’s had to offer. Seems apropos for what I am going to divulge today.

I have been keeping something to myself for a little while now, not too terribly long, but I just wanted it to myself before telling it to anyone else.

I met someone, and get this, he grew up in Owasso, and graduated the same year I did. And no, I don’t remember him, how awesome is this! At first he really didn’t remember me either, but then he saw my senior picture and said oh yeah, I know who you are. So then I had to ask, was I a jackass to you. Because you never know, teenage Angie could be quite the snob. Shocking revelation, I know, but I had to ask. He said no, that he saw me in the halls at school a few times and would think she’s really pretty and has a great smile, outa my league, and keep walking.

I said he should have said hi, I was somewhat nice to everyone.
So anyway, now we have met as adults and I old fashioned like him. I’m really glad we didn’t know each other back then, we might not have liked each other and it would have ruined us for anything as adults.

He is funny, smart, has a razor sharp wit (so important), sarcastic, snarky (he hates that word BTW, I love it) sweet, thoughtful and amazingly cute. I seriously didn’t know men my age looked like that, he works out, eats like I do, pretty clean, he has his vices, puffy Cheetos and coke, which drives me nuts because I would love to indulge in those things and cannot. He’s not on social media, very nice to spend time with someone who is not glued to their phone. Also not documenting every moment as it happens. It has kind of forced me to be a little less active on social media and it has been a nice break.

He brought me new Owasso shirts because he knows how much I love Owasso, he does not.

He lives in Oklahoma, not in Owasso, so I don’t know where this is going. I will tell you one thing, I am going to enjoy it for whatever it is. I old fashioned like him, I love talking to him, the conversations never lag, at all. One night we were on the phone roughly 7 hours. 7 hours. Not a dull moment, I was never bored, the only reason we hung up is because we both had to get up in a few hours and go to work.

Oh yeah, he works, and has worked for the same company for 21 years, so refreshing to see a man committed to something that long.

Ok, so there you have it, like I said I don’t know what will happen, I am just enjoying this. 16 year old Angie is very happy as is 54 year old Angie.

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