The past few nights dreams have been disconcerting to say the least. Plus I do believe I have lost my mind, no, I do not need affirmation this is true, I will submit the proof myself.

First up I have a favorite cup, it is one of those really good insulated ones. I bring it to work every day filled with my green smoothie. It keeps it cold for as long as I am drinking it. I drink a smoothie for breakfast and lunch. The cup is a very important part of my day.

Well, on Tuesday afternoon I discovered it was not with me, I thought I had left it in the downstairs women’s restroom. So, on my afternoon break I went down and discovered it was not there. So, of course, the only natural conclusion I could draw was someone had stolen it. I proceed to tell anyone who would listen, my cup is gone the building has thieves. Everyone is very concerned about my cup, or maybe my sanity, I can’t decide.

This goes on until Thursday, when, at lunch, I go to my usual bench outside. What do my little myopic eyes spy, why yes, it is my cup. Sitting there in silent condemnation, I had abandoned it on Tuesday, did not come back until Thursday. I was so happy to see it, then I had to go back and tell my coworkers. I have to admit, I laughed so hard I had tears, of course the first person I called to tell this story to was my BBFF.

Next up are my really strange dreams, first I dreamed that my back door was wide open and it was pitch black outside and in my house. I hear a noise and I look up and there is a man standing at my backdoor. It was one of those dreams where I could not move or scream, and he just stood there, menacingly. It’s at this point I must say I’m glad I live alone. I’m pretty sure I woke up with a scream. I haven’t had a dream that horrifying in a long time.

The next dream was last night, I dreamed I went with two friends to their plastic surgeon. Now, these friends really do get fills and botox regularly, so them being in my dream was not off the mark. Anyway I went and was talking to the doctor about fills and botox for me. Once again, not out of the realm of possibilities with me. So, he talks me into these two procedures, it wasn’t a hard sell, I willingly said heck yeah.

He used sawdust for the fill, it was awful, I looked like Jack Nicholson’s version of the Joker. I was horrified and begged him to redo it, that’s when the botox was injected, once again, awful results. That nightmare was worse than the strange man at my house. The moral of that story is I will not be getting fills or botox any time soon.

I hope everyone has a great Saturday, a fantastic weekend and an amazing life.

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