A few weeks back I shared how Ray had challenged me to run after my workouts. I have been doing just that. I hate it. But I do it. The first time I ran I timed myself.

I timed myself again tonight and I had shaved 29 seconds off of my time! I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but for someone like me who hates running and is not good at it, it’s huge.

It encourages me to continue, if I can see progress I’ll keep doing it. I’m even more focused during my workouts. I was one of those people that continually asked what did you just say.

I’ll make a confession, Mr. Owasso, who works out all the time and does all of the supplements, told me about a pre-workout he takes. So I found it and have been adding it to my routine. It’s amazing how much more I’m focused and how things have improved. He’s suggested other things I have incorporated as well. Don’t tell him, he thinks he’s right about everything as it is, I don’t need his ego to get any bigger.

I still am waiting for him to realize he can do better, I’m not going to tell him he can. That’s something he has to figure out on his own.

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