More Running

I have decided since I don’t go to the gym on Fridays I would add running on that day. This past Friday was my first time doing it. Let me tell you the whole thing was drama filled. So I drank my preworkout, which is awesome. And gross.

So I start out, I lock my front door, put my key in my pocket, headphones in, phone goes in same pocket. So I run and run then 2 miles later back at my front door. I key, it has somehow fallen out. There is no hole in the pocket, it must have come out when I took my phone out to change the music. Panic stricken I retrace my steps. More running, fast walking.

No key.

I did the only thing left to do, I called Elicia, Alex’s girlfriend, luckily they were just about to leave their house. I was still running. I was able to get their key and make it home. 5 miles later.

Yes, I ran 5 miles, it was run, walk, run, walk for 42 minutes. I did 5 miles in 42 minutes!! I felt like a champion. And disgusting, I was dripping sweat. So gross.

I feel skinnier already. That is my real goal, it always has been, to be skinnier. I so do not want to hear about healthy blah blah blah. If I want to be skinny I get to say that.

On Saturday I did not run, instead I swept, vacuumed and mopped every piece of tile in my house. Then I brushed Stormie, I swear after I was done I saw her fur gather together and create a new Husky.

I also saw Avengers: Infinity War Friday, I’m still processing. It’s gonna be a while, I cried.

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