Happy Mother’s Day

Here we are again, Mother’s Day, a day we celebrate motherhood in all forms. I am a mother, I love this day, the day my children pay homage to me. After all I ruined my body so they could have life. It seems only fair I get a day to celebrate that occurrence.  I wouldn’t change it, the whole ruining my body to have them, I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. This includes all of them that I have given birth to.

I especially want to recognize the mothers who didn’t ruin their bodies to give birth. The ones who adopted, fostered or took in the children of other women who could not, for whatever reason, raise the ones they gave birth to.

My own mother was one of these special women, she didn’t have to be my mom, she chose to be my mom. She very literally saved me, without her and my dad I don’t even like to think about what direction my life would have gone in.

She was a special woman, filled with kindness, gentleness and a will of steel, when God created her he broke the mold because He knew there could be only one. Yes, I know, I stole that, but it is fitting, so there you have it, plagiarism at it’s finest.

I am happy to tell people I am adopted, legally adopted, for any family members reading this that like to pretend I’m not real.

My mom used to tell me that she got whatever God wanted her to have with the others (the ones she gave birth to) but with me, she got to choose. I was chosen, oh, that makes me the chosen one. I’ll have to think about this for a little bit and come back to it, perhaps at a later time.

Thinking back to before adoption has always been painful for me, I tend to push it way back, never dealing with it. I dealt with it this past week, along with a host of other things. Being adopted was the pivotal moment in my life, it changed the trajectory of my life, without that moment happening I would not even have the children I have. It is with no exaggeration that I say it was the greatest moment in my life.

So to all the mom’s out there that got to choose, God Bless you and may your life and the life of your chosen children be as amazing as mine as been.

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