Angry Workouts

Lately my workouts have been fueled by anger. Med ball slams are my best friend, last Thursday I was going at it so hard that the trainer, Josh looked at me and said are you ok. Just working through some stuff. I’ll be fine.

The level of my intensity has gone up about 10 fold, I guess I have a certain someone to thank for that.

The past week I felt discombobulated and disconnected fromGod. I had allowed myself to become so deeply self involved that I lost my connection to God.

I contacted a friend of mine that is a super prayer warrior, on par to my mother. I told her I had been going through some things and asked her to pray for me. She asked me if I had ever gone through a deliverance ceremony. I said no, imagining Burt Reynolds and banjos. She said come to my house Friday at 11. So I did.

It was very intense prayer and brought up things I’ve never dealt with. Stuff from my childhood. I did t even realize I was carrying that baggage around still. It was cathartic, cleansing and freeing. After it was over I felt like a weight had been lifted and I was connected to God again. I can hear Him and feel His presence again.

All is right in my world again. Oh I’m still confused and a little sad and angry. But I have clarity and a renewed sense of direction.

Happy Monday People! Once again any comments can be left here or you can email me at

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