Who Knew

So, ok, did you all know you have to have a license plate on the front of your vehicle? I had no idea that was an actual law until the very nice Highway Patrolman pulled me over last night. He was very sweet and of course I was my usual charming self. He gave me a warning and I have to figure out how to get that thing on there. It’s in my trunk.

Last night I learned my little Sith Lord will be playing the drums in the band next year. I am stupidly excited about this. I tried out for drums at her age and was not chosen. I played the clarinet in the band in OKC. Before that I played the Bass and Cello. I am so excited for her, I can’t wait to go to those band recitals.

Her choir program was last night, it was so cute, I feel very fortunate that her mom contacts me to tell me about that stuff.

I didn’t get to workout last night because of the program. So I will be going tonight, on a Friday. I am also at work today, on a Friday. Just in case anyone was wondering, I’m on lunch right now.

Oh and speaking of, I talked to a Craig on a Friday! Some people will know why that is huge. For the rest of you, google the movie Friday. You will not be disappointed. It’s hysterical.

Well that’s all I got for now, no more strange dreams, which is good.

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