Memorial Day

Do you ever get a friend request on Facebook and just stare at it thinking who is this person? I do, all the time, sometimes I realize who they are, sometimes I never do. The ones I never recognize I refuse to accept. No matter how many friends in common we have. Why on earth would I want to be friends with you when I don’t know you? Online that is. In real life I love meeting people and making new friends. I find it creepy online.

I am getting a lot of strange requests lately, the timing seems odd.

I am finally getting back to normal from the food poisoning incident. Saturday was the first day I felt 100% normal, so in typical Angie fashion I overdid it.

Since my son Jeffrey and his new bride’s celebration was that night I had to get my nails done. Of course.

Then, and here is where the overdoing it comes into play, they had Mexican food at the party. I haven’t eaten since Monday, so, yeah. It was good and it was worth it, but Sunday I paid a price, I did not feel good.

Today is back to being me, so of course it was off to see Solo, I could not allow another day to pass without seeing that gem. Gem it is, everyone should go see this movie. Ron Howard did not disappoint, so many fun things in this movie and such a love letter to the fans of the genre.

I also saw Deadpool 2 this weekend, go see that as well, do not and I repeat, do not take your children unless they are adults. Then it’s fine.

Back to the odd timing of things, I am getting really strange requests on Instagram and Facebook.

So, on Facebook, this man sends me a PM (private message) asking if I remember him. He sent it on a Sunday when I was at work and I didn’t notice it until I got home. I looked at his picture and said no, I’m sorry I don’t remember you. Apparently he graduated a year before I did from Owasso. Then I looked him up in my Junior yearbook. Then I remembered him, then I blocked him. Now, here’s the strange thing, he sent me a message, but he didn’t send me a friend request. Not sure what is going on there, but I really didn’t want to find out.

Then on Instagram I get this private message asking if I want to be friends with some stranger. I blocked that one as well. I’m sorry, it’s one thing to like pictures of random people, it’s another to send them creepy messages.

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day and remembers why we have this day as Americans.

The great men and women who sacrificed their lives so we could all enjoy our freedoms should not be forgotten and always remembered. I am forever grateful to them, I will always do my best to honor them by not taking said freedoms for granted. We must all stand for what we believe in and educate ourselves on why we believe the way we do. A major lesson I learned from one of my favorite Sunday school teachers, Caroline Hall, at the First FreeWill Baptist Church of Owasso. She was a phenomenal instructor, leader and so humble.

As usual you can leave any comments, disagreements, agreements or anything in-between here or send them to me at

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