Intrepid Girl Reporter

So far 2018 is determined to kick me to the curb. First the flu, which almost killed me, then unlucky in love, which ripped my heart out of my chest, next up, food poisoning.

Yes, I have now been the victim of food poisoning, I don’t really know how I got it, because I really eat the same thing every day. The only thing I can really point to is my green smoothie. I may have gotten hold of bad greens, I don’t know. The day before I did have Panera Bread, but that was over 24 hours before the symptoms started.

When I tell you this was bad, it was horrendous, I have never felt such pain before. Nor experienced anything else like this, I would have rather gone through childbirth again than this. I would rather have my heart ripped out of my chest again than this.

The only good thing to come out of this is I got to watch Lois and Clark, a lot. Before re-watching this series I had thought that the big draw was Dean Cain shirtless. Still a big draw, but I have to admit I seriously love Terri Hatcher’s portrayal of Lois. She plays her perfectly, sassy, unapologetic, singleminded, tough with a touch of vulnerability.

Even from a young age I wanted to be Lois Lane, she was my first role model. Intrepid Girl Reporter, that is how she was billed in the DC Comic world. What young girl could resist a title like that. She was an integral part of Superman’s world, she reported the news, sometimes she inserted herself in the news, which she was not supposed to do. But she did, Superman would come to her rescue, but a lot of times she didn’t need rescuing. She was fast talking, knew how to take care of herself and could pack a punch when the situation warranted it.

I loved her, I wanted to be her and when Terri Hatcher played her incarnation of her, I still wanted to be her. I even copied her hairstyle back in the ’90’s.

I will not be doing that now, no worries, but I would still love to be Lois Lane, observing, being nosy, reporting on what I found out. What an adventure that would have been, of course the world of real journalism is dead. Today reporters just make up things or pay people to make up things. I don’t believe any of them anymore, where is Walter Cronkite when you need him?

Thankfully tonight I feel better, I was able to eat half a bowl of soup, a couple of popsicles and drink watermelon juice. I think I may not die this week after all. Perhaps, just perhaps, I will survive 2018.

I do have some exciting things coming up, my son and new daughter-in-law’s celebration of their marriage is Saturday. I don’t go back to work until Tuesday, then in July I am going to go to OK for a few days. I would like to hike in Woolaroc, I think you can do that there. I think I read one can hike there. It’s beautiful there, I want to break in my camel pack and my new hiking boots (have yet to buy them, soon) before the big trip in October.

That is another thing, my girls trip in October, I am so looking forward to that, I have always wanted to go to Montana and I am finally going to do it. Perhaps the first part of 2018 is a test, if I can survive it, then I can survive anything

Oh one more thing, the cat, Fat Catstard has been sizing me up during my illness. He has rarely left my side, snuggling next to me, licking my hand, I am afraid he has the taste for human flesh now. As I type he is curled up on his side of the bed, laying in wait.

pray for me.

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