Coffee Induced Thoughts

I was told recently that I have a good vocabulary, I said thank you but I had to laugh. I can thank my parents for my vocabulary skills, simply due to the fact that I spent a lot of time grounded.

Yes, grounded, typically for my sassy mouth, and when grounded I would do what came naturally. I would read, this particular time I had read every single book in that house. I was grounded, I couldn’t go to the store to buy more or to the library to check any out. There was one book I had not read cover to cover. The dictionary. Yes, you read that correctly, the dictionary, I was 16, grounded, bored, couldn’t leave my house except to go to church, it was summer, so no school. I had read the encyclopedia set, the bible, all of the books, magazines and newspapers int he house. So, dictionary it was.

I read the whole thing, then, mercifully, my grounding was over and I could get more books. I do believe it was the best thing that ever happened to me, in that regard.

Being grounded so much definitely added to my education, I wonder if my parents ever realized that. Knowing them, the way they knew me, did they know I would take the adverse situation and turn it around to my benefit? Another question I’ll have to wait to ask, I must remember to have my list put with me in my casket when I die.

I do have a list of questions, not only for them, but for my grandparents and God, I need some answers to some things.

Am I the only one that does this? Thinks of things that one needs answers to, for example, of all the people on earth, why is one so amazingly perfect and out of my reach? Yes, I do mean Dean Cain. Another, why is it so hot in Texas? Why can’t we have a real winter? I know it’s technically two, but they go hand in hand.

Why are so many people beach people? I see that everywhere, why are you not winter people? Where are those people? Those are my people, I need to put out a siren call to gather them together, we could yield power, do snow dances. I know that is a thing, it has to exist, if a rain dance exists it stands to reason that snow dances exist. I know I’m right about this, I am rarely wrong with things of this nature.

This, my friends, is what a pot of coffee will do to one, it makes you question the universe and want answers to those questions. It is not enough to question, anyone can do that, the real trick is finding the answers to those questions. So, I need you all to get on this, the heat is killing me, and not in a Roberta Flack kind of way.

Since I’ve had a pot of coffee this morning I do believe I will stop now and put this energy to good use.

Any ideas on how to make the heat stop please feel free to comment here or send it to

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