Stalker Alert

Happy Friday the 13th! My favorite days of the year, for a myriad of reasons. First off, it is a good luck day in my family, as many of you know, my parents were married on a Friday the 13th. I wanted my son, Alex to be born on the 13th, but that was a Saturday the year he was born and since it was a scheduled c-section my doctor said no. He was not coming in on a Saturday for that reason. So, there ya have it.

So here I sit, on a Friday the 13th, excited for the day and all that it will bring.

Having said all of that, I have news, I, officially have a stalker. A few months back, at work, I sent a business customer an email (work, all work related) his information, it was a complicated issue and he asked that I email him the information when I had taken care of the issue. It took hours, it was very involved and I had no issue doing so.

Fast forward several months (yes, months) later, I open my company email yesterday morning and there is an email from that customer. It said, don’t take offense but you are gorgeous. At first I thought it was spam, sometimes the firewall doesn’t catch it, some does get through. Then I noticed it was a reply to me, to the original email I sent.

I asked a person who does our support, hey are our pictures on our outgoing email. He said yes, I said since when! He said, Angie, several years.

Then in my personal email I get a notification from LinkedIn saying someone has viewed my profile. It was this guy! I was like what the heck. So apparently he has been staring at that picture for months.

Not only that, but my last name is unusual, I am easily found if you have that information. So now I’m a little freaked out. Time to batten down the hatches and go into hiding. Does anyone know how to delete a LinkedIn account?

Other than that, not a lot new, next week will be spent with Tess, I am very excited about that, so much fun will be had.

I am off to get dressed and shop for Granddaughters birthday party. Have a great Friday the 13th!

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