I find myself obsessed with a few things lately, first off is the song Save Me by Foreigner. I had no idea this song existed until a few days ago. I am obsessed now, it is brilliant and I will be playing it at my wedding to Dean Cain. I really hope he never finds my blog.

Second, A Sandwich and some Lovin podcast, it is so awesome, find it and listen. You will not be sorry.

Coffee, always and forever, I can’t seem to stop myself from buying coffee beans when I find something interesting or on sale.

Pajamas, for so long, I have so many, it is a sickness, I probably need help.

My obsessions are probably pretty harmless, unless that restraining order comes or I end up on Dateline. I can see the title of that show: Woman hopped up on caffeine shows up on Dean Cain’s doorstep in a wedding dress. It will not be pretty folks, I will be one sobbing mess as they haul me off.

This week is my week with Tess, it is our traditional week in the summer. I am going to enjoy this week, she is 11 now and I know the time is coming fast where she will want to be with her friends more than her grandmother. I will relish whatever time she wants to spend with me.

I asked her what she wanted to do and she said be lazy, well, unbeknownst to her, I have some things planned. I hope she likes them.

I foresee lots of popcorn, Netflix, Hulu and laughter, we laugh a lot when we are together. She is a funny girl and her sense of humor is just getting stronger as she gets older. We are all pretty funny, so it is genetic, as is sarcasm, she seems to have inherited that as well. Thank goodness.

That’s all I got for now, I will probably not post again until after my fun filled week with Tess. Everyone have a great week and get out and enjoy the Texas heat. (insert sarcasm emoji here).

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