Montana, Enterprise and Vulcans, Oh My

Ok, so, I am on season 4 of Star Trek Enterprise and I am getting happier. Although I foresee anger in the future, as there are only 4 seasons of this show.

I still don’t have an answer as to how mind melding became ubiquitous and how they got rid of the MMTD (mind melding transmitted disease). I also am so confused as to why Vulcans are so bent on destroying humans. Granted I am only 4 episodes in, I am loving the relationship between Trip and T’Pol, I find them cute.

T’Pau is a revelation, as she is the one who officiated over Spock’s wedding! Well, almost wedding, crazy nuts seeing her here being a complete Vulcan rebel.

This show is a must watch for every Star Trek fan, as a matter of fact I do believe I need for every person I know to watch this show. I need to discuss this with people!

Captain Archer is quickly becoming one of my favorite captains and Trip one of my favorite engineers.

I am gearing up for my trip to Montana in October, it is a road trip with a friend. She and I will leave on a Saturday evening when she gets off work and travel through Garden of the Gods in Colorado.

I am beyond excited, I believe I will be able to feel God in Montana. I cannot explain it, but I have always felt that way. Since my friend and I eat the same it will make this trip so much easier. We are going to stock up at Costco and I found a hotel that the rooms have small kitchens.

Epic, that is what this will be, we will also have an Instagram page just for the trip. When it gets closer I’ll give you the name and you can follow along. We will be doing live video and posting cool pictures of our journey.

Bye for now, have to continue on my Enterprise journey.

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