Discount Tire Experience

Here I sit at Discount Tire waiting for two new tires to be installed on my car. A flat was waiting on me after work. Thankfully I have roadside assistance coverage on my insurance plan.

I sit here, with a waiting room full of people waiting on their cars. I am struck by just how isolating our phones are. Every single person is on their phone, either talking on it (one woman doesn’t seem to know her voice is loud) to texting, playing games or watching videos. I, myself, am writing this missive.

I am fascinated by other people’s conversations, the loud woman is discussing underwear shopping, a man is saying I love you to someone. I’m so nosey, I want to ask him is it his wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or perhaps a child. It didn’t seem a romantic I love you. I want to ask the woman who she is shopping for underwear for, the conversation indicated it wasn’t for herself.

I would love to strike up a conversation, ask who are you buying underwear for. But not now. I politely stepped outside to take a call, when I tried to come back in the door was locked. I knocked on the door the loud woman and a few men just stared at me. Now mind you they watched me walk out! It wasn’t like I was an ax wielding crazed madwoman at the door. I might be that now, but I wasn’t when I left.

The man I bought the tires from let me in, one old man (I’m petty now) said they locked you out. I said what was broken on you that you couldn’t open the door. I really want to say to the room at large you people suck.

On the other hand their boorish behavior has given me fodder for my world. Alright, all is forgiven, ax is put away.

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