Alexa Frustration

This is how my morning went:

Alexa play Foreigner.

I am walking out of the room when she answers and a cacophony of horrendousness fills the air. Me: Alexa what is that? Alexa: Florida Georgia Line. Me: Alexa play FOREIGNER. I am somewhat soothed as the opening salvo of Cold as Ice permeates the air.

It’s like she doesn’t know me at all, isn’t Florida Georgia Line a country band? Country!

What part of my entire being says to play that? Nothing, that’s what, I’ll answer for you.

I went to Target yesterday to find birthday gifts for a 7 year old little boy. While I was in the toy aisle I spied something for me, something I love and have loved since I was five years old. A Duncan Butterfly yoyo, in red, and why yes, I did purchase said yoyo for myself. If spending $4.00 on me makes me happy, I’m going to do it.

Now you know all of my secrets going into the weekend, I have nothing left to tell. Oh, wait, yes I do, upon some sleuthing between me and someone else, I found out my neighbors are all alive and well and have moved to a different state. So happy no one is dead, I guess they just purged everything in their entire life and picked up and left. Sometimes we have to do that, purge, pick up and leave. I’ve done it, I know others who have done it as well, it can be a soul lifting experience.

I have a very busy weekend, Tess, family dinner, birthday party then finding out what my surprise is from BBFF and his GF. They have a presentation, who knew I was presentation worthy! I will update you all on what it is, I am equal parts wary, excited and down right terrified.

I have now watched Avengers Infinity War 5 times, 5 times I have watch Loki die at the hands of Thanos. 5 times I have cried for Loki and thought how much I will miss his delightfully evil ways. I wonder how much Tom Hiddleston was paid for his 10 minutes of screen time? I think I may have to google that, I don’t know why that suddenly popped into my head. But there you have it, randomness at it’s very best.

I am trying my hand at pork carnitas for dinner tonight, wish me luck, it smells heavenly right now.

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