So Much

Updates on a few things, first, I finished Star Trek Enterprise. The very end saddened me, because it was over, and left me wanting more, because, well, Trip, oh FYI, I looked it up on IMDB. Because people were trying to correct me on the spelling of his name. It is Trip, his name is Charles Tucker III, Trip is short for triple.

The fourth season did me in, that was the best, I loved it and hated it. Loved because it wrapped up everything and hated, because it was wrapped up and therefore over.

Next up, the ongoing saga with my neighbors, they disappeared. Like gone, cars gone, everything gone.

One day I came home and the husband was putting living room furniture on the curb. It was dark brown, good for hiding blood stains was my first thought. Then the wife’s car was gone, no car at all, no sightings of her or the kids. Then a moving truck shows up in the driveway. He spent weeks putting things in the truck. One evening I come home and he is putting his car on the car thingy and drives off.

Just gone, no sign in the yard that they sold the house, no notice on the windows or doors. Just poof, gone, here is where it deepens. Roughly a week later two cars were in the driveway, men were walking around the house. Now there is a huge trash receptacle in the driveway. And they are very literally cleaning house, it is cram packed now.

I realize that I am the Gladys Kravitz of my street. I need an Abner, that way he can read the paper and I can say “Abner, I think that man killed his family on the brown couch.” He can sit and read the paper. It’s too late for me to have an Abner. First of all I don’t think men are named that anymore and secondly I am undatable. So there’s that.

Anyway I don’t have anything else on them, they just disappeared.

I’m not going to lie, this August has been a little rougher than recent years. I miss my mom and Michael a lot, I think about them, a lot. I know they are incredibly happy where they are and I know they don’t know anything about my life. Because, heaven, you know, the place you get to go and not have to know what is going on here anymore. Because it is all so incredibly sad and there are no tears in heaven. As you can see it seriously bothers me when people say dead people are watching over you. No, they’re not, they are not angels, angels are lower beings, they are Saints. Huge difference. My mom is not looking out for me, she is busy worshiping God and being with my dad.

I digress, I had something happen today that was so unexpected. Someone sent me a text to check on me, just a random what can I do to make your day. The text alone made my day, it was unexpected and very welcome. To that person, thank you, that text came just when I needed it. Sometimes we all need someone to just check up on us in life. A simple hello, how are you, what can I do to make your day.

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