Differing Opinions Not Wanted Here

Lately, well, not lately, it’s been happening since I have been on facebook, people post things like if you don’t agree with what I post don’t comment. I can understand that, no one wants differing opinions, what kind of crazy world would that be, someone who doesn’t think like me! Madness!

Well, here’s mine, if you have negative things to say about snow and cold weather, please move on. Say it on your page, I promise you I will not say a word on your negative post. As for my positive snow and cold weather post, move on, I don’t want to hear your negativity, unless said in a playful, teasing manner. I have friends who tease me about my love of winter, they do it in good fun and do it well. To those, this is not directed at you.

This is to the ones who feel the need to be incredibly belligerent and ugly about it, and they are people that don’t really know me. Today I had one who just wouldn’t let it go, so, me being me, I just eviscerated her in a nice way. I thought it was nice, it was nice for me, ok. Well she told me to f off, her words, not mine, unfriended me and blocked me. Well that taught me, you know what it taught me, I’m going to tell you. It taught me if I am honest and speak my mind on my own page then the right people will be offended and leave.

I find I am not suffering fools lately, it is probably my job that is making me like this. The phone calls of people that really don’t understand what they have in their own homes is astounding. Tech support is not for the faint of heart. I have incredibly stressful days, I need my dream of snow, and Dean Cain. Those are really the only two things I have left, those dreams, everything else has gone by the wayside.

My dream of remaining skinny while eating nothing but puffy Cheetos and swigging diet coke is a thing of the past. I also found eating nothing but a diet of sugar is a no go as well. I have given up so much, I can‘t give up snow and Dean, I shan’t. I don’t care how inane it makes me, I’m holding out hope for both!

I feel better, thank you for listening to my rant, it is a mini one tonight but one I needed to get out of my system.

As usual any comments or questions can be sent to angie@angieworld, or left here.

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