Catervisary and Joy

It’s my cativersary with Fat Catstard, who knew there was such a thing. Well, I did, because I just made it up. So there ya go, Angie making days up just to justify my celebrating with copious amounts of coffee. Fat Catstard will not be having any coffee today, he doesn’t need it.

Our relationship is tumultuous at best, it didn’t start that way, he came to me a fat, happy cat. I put him on a diet and he became surly and vindictive. Waking me in the middle of the night, sitting on my chest, trying to smother me, looking at my face like it is a chicken treat.

But I love him so much that sometimes I just want to Lenny him, he tolerates my existence as his food giver. Possible snack if I die in my sleep, or just pass out, which is why I don’t drink, no one wants to wake up from passing out to half a face left. I kid, there are many reasons I don’t drink much, sometimes I will indulge in an adult beverage treat. Not often, but sometimes a nice margarita is in order, or vodka, as it has no carbs.

Right now I sit here drinking my bullet proof coffee, contemplating life as I know it. It is a good life, I have zero complaints. Ok, you got me, one, I would really like it if Dean Cain just showed up at my doorstep, it would make my quasi-stalking him so much easier. I am incredibly lazy and I just stalk him on twitter, so there you have it, my Achilles heel if you will.

Ok, so, BBFF sent out the itinerary for next weekend, I became at once exhilarated and exhausted reading it. I seriously cannot wait to see what we all came up with for our Star Wars costumes, this will be epic. Why yes, grown adults dressing up and having a great time, I foresee a lot of laughter this weekend. And awe and shock and greatness. I will be Instagramming live a lot, so if you don’t follow me there you will want to, just to see all the fun.

I have been trying a new product, I mentioned it in passing a few days ago, or was it last week, I forget. But it is Cellis coffee and their supplement Fuse, the “coffee” doesn’t taste like my coffee, but it is good and the Fuse gives you an amazing kick. I am telling you I have never taken anything in supplement form that has given me that much energy and focus. Now I will tell you that there are a lot of health claims made by this company, however, I am the wrong person to try those out on. I have no health problems except so much weight that needs to come off, like a gazillion pounds. I have not noticed a huge difference in that area, but in that companies defense I do a lot of things. I follow a Keto diet, I exercise, I fascia blast and do their coffee and supplement. So I am not a good litmus for that particular claim. I will tell you I forgot to take the Fuse on Wednesday and I was lagging all day, I didn’t know I forgot until I got home and saw the pill sitting by the Nespresso. Which is what I use to make my “coffee” in the mornings, so I know it is not a placebo effect. My friend is a distributor, anyone interested in trying it, let me know and I will connect you to her.

On a different topic, I am once again rolling my eyes at all of the Facebook (always Facebook) posts proclaiming just do what makes you happy. Seriously! Stop! Do what makes your soul joyous, don’t get me wrong, happy is a good thing, however, one simply does not do everything that makes one happy. Example, if I did what makes me happy I would quit my job and stalk Dean Cain full time, I mean not stalk, um, read, yes that’s it, read Dean Cain’s twitter feed full time. If I did what makes me happy I would stuff my face full of puffy Cheetos and diet coke and read books 24/7. I would also eat nothing but chocolate and watch old episodes of Lois and Clark. So doing what makes me happy is not necessarily good for me. Find your souls joy, search for that, and some seriously need to find Jesus. That is no joke, He can give you great joy and peace. I have that joy and peace and I wouldn’t give it up for anything, not puffy Cheetos, not diet coke, not for all of the chocolate in the world. The chaos of the world will seem insignificant in comparison. Oh and get some friends as good as the ones I have.

BFF met Johnny Lee this week and he knows Dean Cain, one step closer people.

I feel better having gotten all of that out, everyone have a great day, a good weekend and may you discover great joy in your life. As usual any comments or question can be left here or sent to me at

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