Day 3 Wizard World Austin, TX

We are on Day Three of the now infamous Wizard World adventure. It was an easy morning, waking whenever I awoke, no alarm clock, which is the absolute best way to wake up.

We head over to the Austin Convention Center, no dressing up, besides geek t-shirts, with the exception of BBFF’s GF who went for a run. I know, I should have joined her, but I wanted to explore and see if anyone new showed up.

They did not, however it was fun seeing all of the things for sale and talking to everyone. BBFF did get the autographs of some anime people he wanted. I don’t know who they were, I am not a huge anime watcher.

We did see Danny Trejo just casually walking around with his wife, looking at all of the vendors. You could tell he was not doing it for the attention, there was another actor there that was wanting attention. I shall not say his name, but he was charming in the role that made him famous. There is your hint for the day.

GF caught up with us, we walked around for a bit more, decided to go for food, then drive home.

The drive home was so much fun, we played Backstreet Boys songs, ok that was me and GF. BBFF had a particularly pained look on his face while we were belting out such classics as Quit Playing Games with My Heart. So. Much. Fun.

The conversation never lagged and there was much laughter.

Next up, leaving today for Montana, so excited for that, I have my hiking boots ready, sweaters and thick socks. So excited for this trip, another thing to mark off of my list, going to a Nerd Fest as it were, was one. I seriously cannot believe I get to mark off two things on my list in the same month. Well, two months, but a week apart. So there you have it, all three days of our Wizard World experience, I fell in love with Austin and had the best time with BBFF and his GF.

BBFF, you can stop reading now…. I’ll wait……

Ok, for the rest of you, his GF is the real deal, I have never met someone so suited to another person. It has been great fun and better yet, amazing to watch my BBFF bedazzled and beguiled (it is almost October) by someone so incredible.

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