The Adventure Begins

I had the adventure I have been waiting to have for so long, one that I have dreamed of since I was a little girl. I actually went to Montana, yes, Montana, one of the prettiest states in the Union.

I cannot exactly explain to you why I have always felt drawn to the state, I can tell you it is where I believe
God to be the closest to us. I was not disappointed, please allow me to begin at the beginning, a year ago.

A year ago I said on Facebook I am going to Montana who wants to go with me, several raised their internet hands, one went.

My friend Shay said I’ll go, and meant it, it wasn’t lip service, it wasn’t said to just hear herself talk, she meant it. So, we began planning, since we eat alike, food was not going to be an issue and since we are both coffee addicts, caffeination was going to be an issue.

We picked a date, one we could both get off work for and began planning in earnest.

We chose the city, the hotel and everything we wanted to see and do. We set out on a Saturday evening after Shay got off of work. We drove, yes, this was an old fashioned road trip, something I haven’t done in forever.

The road trip up was filled with laughter and music and even a few rants, not towards each other but at the lack of Starbucks in certain cities and the lack of hotdogs in others.

We made our first official stop in Colorado Springs, we both wanted to hike in Garden of the gods. It was the most beautiful spot I had seen up until then, filled with incredible rock formations and even some beautiful birds and other life forms.

Shay wanted to slay the bunnies, I equate her with Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If you are not familiar with Anya, please do yourself a favor and google Anya along with the word rabbits, you will not be sorry.

I stopped her from slaying any and all wildlife, you are all welcome, we did live videos and took a ton of pictures.

We found a delightful Starbucks in which to fuel our caffeine addiction. After we trekked about in the Garden, we continued on to West Yellowstone, MT.

I want to add here, I love Colorado, I used to go up there every year, once a year, until life interrupted. I love the mountains, the cold, the snow, the air, everything about the state, I love it. Although I will say, this time, Denver was really dirty, trash all over the highways and just a film over it. I don’t know what is happening, but please fix yourself Denver, I love you too much to see this happen to you.

Through Wyoming was a desolate, flat drive, right up until we got to the border of Montana. Then we began to see mountains and trees, so many trees.

This is also about the time we discovered Shay’s allergy to pine, I made her ingest peppermint essential oil. At first she thought I was trying to kill her, then she said it worked and she felt better.

I am going to save the drive through Yellowstone National Park until tomorrow, that is a story in of itself. Fraught with danger and intrigue, you will not want to miss it.

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