Dating Update and Wedding Nightmares

I had the weirdest dream last night, I dreamed Elizabeth Anne and I were at a family friends wedding. The bride had requested everyone wear white, Elizabeth Anne and I arrived right on time, we sit down in the church. Just as the ceremony was starting she looks at me and gasps MOM! I look down and I am wearing black, in a sea of white I am wearing black. A massive fashion faux pas, I jumped up and ran to the bathroom where my white outfit was waiting for me. It was completely unsettling, I never make that major of a mistake.

Quick update on the dating front, after much soul searching and instablocking, I decided to delete the dating app. It just wasn’t fair to the men or to myself, I found fault with all of them. Heads too big, like literally, not ego wise, their heads, maybe it was the angle of the pictures, I don’t know, but it was weird. Too tall, too short, no hair, too much hair, eyes the wrong color, used the wrong to, too, two, their, they’re, there. You name and I could find it, so I decided Jose was correct in his declaration that I am not ready.

I am really happy with my life and I don’t want to upset the balance that I have achieved and I know bringing someone else in will upset said balance. Not for the worse, mind you, but it is still an upset and I’m not ready for that.

On to different topics, shampoo, yes, shampoo, I tried a new shampoo and conditioner and I am enamored. I have a thing for shampoos and conditioners, wherever I go I search them out. This one I ordered online, I took a risk, one never knows how these things will go. I had heard of this new product a few weeks back. I was hesitant to try them, because, well, no samples and i couldn’t smell them ahead of time. But I took the chance and dove in, they are from doterra, it is the doterra salon essentials hair care line. I ordered the shampoo and conditioner and when they arrived I waited two days to use them.

The shampoo is citrus and the conditioner has mint, I was really unsure of how the two different scents would work together.

I took the plunge, I am so happy I did, my hair is so soft, my curls are so soft. The citrus shampoo and the mint conditioner work really well together. They are a little pricy but really worth it, especially if you have curly hair. I give both products a huge thumb up.

I am very fond of mint hair products and these are made with essential oils, so good for the scalp. The shampoo actually gets my hair squeaky clean, which I like, it means it is cleaning all of the other product out of my hair, the conditions is light and conditions extremely well. Here is the link to order them:

That’s all I have for now, oh wait, one more thing, loving the new season of Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl not so much. Too much teenage angst and preachiness on illegal aliens, girl power and a host of other things. I like my television viewing to be an escapism from everyday plights. The others provide that, I really want to like Supergirl, I really like the way Melissa Benoist portrays her, she always seems like she is having a good time. I just wish they would do the old fashioned superhero formula that works really well and allow us our escapism.

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