The Pursuit of Happiness

So I was talking to my friend Jose about the whole dating thing. Telling him about instablocking everyone that contacts me for any and all reasons.

He said I don’t think you really want to date, he then said that I don’t think like a woman. I thought about what he said and came to the conclusion he was probably right.

Then I talked to my friend Monty and he said that Jose and Shay are both wrong. I do think like a woman just not a needy woman. He then went on to say his thought  the thing was I really don’t want to date I just want someone to do things with.

I said hmmmm you are probably right about that. You see I am incredibly happy in my life and I don’t even believe in happiness. Oh I believe it is our inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness, but in that pursuit we shouldn’t discount what give us joy. And when we do find happiness we shouldn’t become complacent in said happiness.

We should also remember that when we do experience sublime happiness we turn into a vampire. Oh wait, no, that was a plot on Buffy. We should remember that complacency turns into stagnation and stagnation turns to death. Whether it is an actual death or metaphorical one. Never take your happiness nor joy for granted.

I will say this God bless the honest men out there. The one that wants a woman who has no strong opinions, the one that wants a tiny blond woman and the one who wants one within 5 pounds of her goal weight. Yes that was actually stated. God bless all of them because it makes my decision so much easier.

I do know that I seriously love my life, I love coming home every day to my dog and Fat Catstard. I love my family an inordinate amount and I have the best friends ever.

I do have to tell you all if Dean Cain comes to town I’m ditching all of you to run away with him.

Much love and happiness to all of you, may your pursuit of happiness land you in great joy. I leave you with this thought. Fire bad, tree pretty.

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