Candy Man

So I made a mistake. I know, huge surprise. I made the mistake of saying something tongue in cheek on Facebook and some took it seriously.

I said I’d marry the man who makes me candy. You see I have been seeing all of these videos. Recipe videos. Videos of delicious candy, I love candy. I can’t eat it, but I love it. In a moment of weakness I said I would marry the man who could make those delicious recipes.

Then came the inappropriate response and private messages letting me know who could make me candy. Or bring me candy or really anything sweet.

I’ve made this mistake in the past, not on Facebook. Before the advent of Facebook. I said I would marry the man who brought me my favorite flower and my favorite chocolates. Then one day one did, I slammed the door in his face. Then I broke up with him. Immediately.

Ask yourself one question. Are you Dean Cain? If the answer is no, keep moving, if the answer is yes then I’d faint.

I honestly don’t know if I will ever be ready to get married again. I’m not very trusting, I haven’t seen a lot in the world to trust. Plus I’m holding out hopes for Dean.

After my experiences in the dating world I’d rather be single and hope for my dream man. So no I really won’t marry the man who makes me candy. Unless you’re Dean Cain.

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One Reply to “Candy Man”

  1. Be careful asking “Are you Dean Cain?” I mean there’s sure to be other men with the name Dean Cain in this world and they might also misunderstand. 😂😂

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