My Soulmate

I met my soulmate a long time ago, It was with that first glance, that first meeting, that first sip. When that first cup was poured, when I took that first sip, the warm liquid washed over my tastebuds in an explosion of flavor. Sliding down my throat and the elixir of life awakening all of my senses. Nerve endings tingling, coffee made its presence known.

Doesn’t everyone have that experience when they drink coffee? My whole being comes alive, the very essence of life is in that coffee cup.

Caffeine has no effect on me, except to give me life, I can drink coffee all day long then sleep hard and deep. It’s amazing what coffee can do for you.

It is God’s gift to man, so much power in that little coffee bean.

I love coffee in all forms, except black, I cannot so straight black coffee. Since it is winter peppermint mocha is my flavor.

I do a keto friendly version, Lily’s chocolate, peppermint essential oil, heavy whipping cream and coffee and a little truvia. Soooooooo good and life affirming.

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