Aquaman Review

I finally saw it, Aquaman, the movie, the origin story of Arthur Curry. I have a few thoughts, first off, I did read some reviews before embarking on my cinematic journey. I am amused by critics who are not comic book fans, sci-fi fans, nor action adventure fans. They are film critics, not fans, therefore it is their mission in life to find fault with fun, adventure-filled, fantasy movies.

I have to start with Aquaman was never my favorite superhero as a kid, I mean, he was fine, he just wasn’t my favorite. I went into the movie with no expectations, except one, to be entertained. I payed for entertainment, therefore, I except it.

I was not disappointed, I do have to give the caveat, I love Jason Momoa, I have loved him since Stargate Atlantis. Not a Dean Cain kind of love, more like a Dwayne Johnson kind of love. Casting him as Arthur Curry was perfection.

I was severely disappointed by Batman vs Superman, due to the fact that Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck looked pained the entire movie. They had the look of I’m being paid to show up but I’m not having fun. The only one in that movie that was having fun was Gal Gadot.

Her Wonder Woman is nothing short of a breath of fresh air, Jason Momoa adds the same excitement to his Aquaman.

From start to finish he has fun, his fight scenes are dynamic, his banter is spot on, he delivers his lines with flair. He looks like he came not to work but to have fun and fun is had. He and Gal Gadot have brought life to DC movies, they are like Christopher Reeve, he looked like he loved being Superman, there was no angst, no should I be doing all of this for the humans, he had fun and he brought us along for the ride. I may even want to go to a beach this summer and search for a glimpse of an Atlantean.

Jason brought us along for the ride, he showed up for work every day of that film and had fun. That is what I want to see in my superheroes, that is what makes a great Marvel movie. All of the actors look like they are loving being heroes, action stars, running towards fake danger and making it look real. This is what makes a great comic book movie, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are bringing the fun back to DC movies and it is a welcome respite.

I am happy I went, happy I paid to see it on the big screen and yes, I will buy it when it comes out. That is how much I enjoyed it. If you haven’t seen it, go, if you are not a love of comics, go, just don’t sit and tear it apart. Enjoy it for what it is, entertainment, fantasy, science fiction.

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