New Year’s Eve

2019 is here and I rang it in by going out, I know, right! Me, out on the town on a New Year’s Eve, I have not done that in over 10 years.

So, my friend Kristie, asked me what I was doing for New Year’s Eve, I said nothing, like usual and she said do you want to go with me?

I said sure, ok, follow me here, because it is about to get complicated.

We have a mutual friend, who has a son (adult son) who plays in a band, K is friends with his wife. She text K and said hey, the band is playing on NYE if you want to come out. So K asked me if I wanted to go see friends son play, well I have known him since he was little, so I said sure.

She said ok, I’m going to warn you, this place is a place frequented by older people. Older than us; I queried, yes, older than us. I said I’m in.

So off we went, to a place in Dallas, that was indeed filled with older than us people.

The band was awesome, really good, they played music from the ’60’s and 70’s, a few ’80’s and ’50’s thrown in for good measure. These people could dance!

A very nice gentleman that had to be at least 90 approached me and asked if I wanted to dance. He said I was beautiful and loved my outfit. So flattering.

I danced, so much, my feet were numb at the end, I can’t remember the last time I went dancing. It was so fun, because there was no pressure, no one was hitting on me in a genuine manner. I was told I was beautiful, a good dancer and it was fun.

It was a great way to end a great year and a good way to start a year I am sure is going to be filled with greatness.

Will it have challenges? Of course, life is not without challenges and difficulties, but we persevere and we look for the best and if you look for the best you find the best.

That is my experience on this earth.

So, my first trip of 2019 is shaping up, plane tickets have been acquired, a hotel room booked, dresses for wedding bought and now to get tickets to Disney, a rental car and parking for airport.

Getting to see the daughter of a family I love get married, priceless. Going with my daughter, beyond priceless, it is always an adventure to go places with Izzy Anne. I am sure this is going to be a fun, exciting adventure.

How is your New Years shaping up? Did you do anything different? I would love to know how you spent your New Year’s Eve. You can leave comments here or email me at

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