Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Today is a day that will live in infamy, no, not really, but I couldn’t resist.

Today is that special day, the anniversary of my parents marriage. I know I write about them often, due to the fact they were and continue to be the most amazing humans I have ever knows. I know some pretty amazing humans, but hands down those two remain my favorite.

They were steadfast in their faith, confident their belief in God would carry them through everything life had to throw at them. They would be proven correct time and time again. 

Their love for each other sustained them as well, their relationship is the one I go to for guidance. To show me what I should look for in a mate. One that I am equally yoked to, one that can understand my quirkiness and has his own quirks. 

As I think about them and their love story, which I have written about many times, if you are new here, just do a search for Foy and Odela. So much written about their incredible love story.

Once upon a time in the magical land of Owasso, there lived a couple who were very much in love. They agreed on almost everything, almost, there was one time they did not agree. Let us go back to that time.

It was 1970 something, the setting, a fabric store, the mission to find material and buttons for a new dress for youngest daughter.

The material was chosen, looking back it was probably not a good idea to let said daughter choose, disco was in full effect, buttons were being looked at.

Odela: I like these; Foy: I like these. Discussion ensues, heavy discussion. In the middle of the fabric store, daughter intervenes, shouldn’t I pick for my dress? 

I want to tell you here and now, the confused looks I received from both parental units still make me laugh out loud. 

My dad said, this is not about you, I said your taste is questionable dad, you tried to make me get coke bottles for glasses. My mom had a good chuckle at that, then they went back to the button issue. In the end my mom won, of course, they had a good laugh about it and then we went back home to eat homemade hamburgers.

They very rarely disagreed on anything, the second time I ever saw my mother put her foot down was when my dad was teaching me to drive. She wanted me to learn in drivers ed, my dad said he knew more about cars than any old teacher.

One day I was outside with my dad and he was working on the car, he said get in and punch the gas. I said I’m not really comfortable with that. He said do it, I said ok, well, the car was not in neutral it was in reverse and I punched on the gas and went through the fence. My mom came flying, yes, flying, out of the front door. Two words were spoken. Drivers Ed! Then she went back in, my dad and looked at each other speechless and he said I guess you are going to Drivers Ed. I said I guess so. 

I miss them so much, there is so much I want to tell them, I know they would love their grandchildren, my children, whom they did not get to know the way they did their others. Due to age and proximity, but I know they would love their chosen career paths and would be so proud of all three of them. 

They all three embody our family credo of take a stand, make a mark. Flourish where you are planted. My mother told me that after my dad died. I had thought about moving home and she said no, because I loved where I was. She said she didn’t need me and I needed to flourish where I was.

I hope everyone has good parents, I think I hit the lottery with mine, I wasn’t born to them, I was chosen by them. 

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad, I know you are so happy being together.

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