Being Erica

At night I watch a lot of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Videos, the main ones I watch are series I have already seen, shows that are now defunct.

There is one show I found on Amazon that was never on any of the main networks. It was a show I discovered on Soap Net, a network that is actually now gone. With the wind, or with some other weather happening.

I discovered it while I was looking for my favorite soaps on that channel, they used to show Ryan’s Hope! Hands down one of my favorite soaps, I digress. The show I discovered was called Being Erica, it was a BBC show that was set in Canada.

The main character, Erica, was in a car wreck and while in the hospital a therapist comes to her room. Convinces her she needs therapy and then has her right a list of regrets.

The list is long, and they start going through them, the thing about this therapy is that Erica goes back in time to try and fix her “mistakes”.

It is a really good show, it is over now, it only had 4 seasons, but the storyline wrapped up in four seasons. It was a satisfied ending, I highly recommend it.

But here is my question, if you could go back and change some things, what would they be?

I have often said I would only change one thing about my life, one real regret.

But there are things I would go back and relive if I had the chance.

I would do any day that I was 16 over, even the days I was busy breaking up with Kent King. I would love to wake up in my bed, in my parents home and walk into the kitchen and see my dad at the dining room table and my mom at the stove. I would love to have her pancakes and homemade hot chocolate. Then go to school, I would talk to people I normally would not have. You would all be confused, but I would still do it. It would be the talk of many reunions to come.

I would see my best friend, hang out at her house, drag main and get Sonic ice.

I would go home and talk to my parents, I would tell them how much I love them and how much I owe them for rescuing me.

I would call my grandma and tell her how much she has influenced my life.

I would play my music on my turntable and sing the Bay City Rollers at the top of my lungs.

But I wouldn’t change anything there, not one single thing, not even that oh so regrettable blue eyeshadow.

I would then go back to my time and relish all of my memories, of the one day I got to go back.

I am always curious, what would others do with a do over or a day back?

If you have Amazon I hope you watch Being Erica and tell me how you liked it or didn’t like it.

As always you can tell me here or send me an email at

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