No Disappointments

Ok, so, I was listening to the radio this morning and they were talking about John Travolta shaving his head. Which made me think about celebrities and their aging and which ones had disappointed me in that process. I started thinking about it then refocused to the ones that have not disappointed me. 

So here is my list of celebrities that have not disappointed me through the years. These are in chronological order, not in order of way I love them.

First up, William Shatner, this man gets better with age, I loved him from the very first Star Trek, and I love him now on Twitter. He is funny, sharp and suffers no fools, I love the way he shuts down people who behave badly towards him. He does it with humor and grace, never mean spirited, I hope he continues for a long time to come.

Leonard Nimoy, I know he is no longer with us, however, while he was, he never, ever disappointed me. From the first time I caught a glimpse of those pointy ears, his unflappable logic, to the rea man behind the Vulcan. He aged with grace and dignity, continuing to educate us to the very end. Even reprising our beloved Spock to hand the baton over to a very capable Zachary Quinto, he do so with a grace and dignity rarely seen in Hollywood.

Steve Perry, even though he had to quit Journey due to crippling anxiety, he does not disappoint. His vocal chords are still as great as ever and he still has the best hair I have ever seen. His ability to open his heart up to a woman he knew had a terminal illness just endeared him more to me. 

Harrison Ford, his ability to make hearts flutter at the age he is at is a miracle in itself. His self-deprecating humor spills over to the characters he plays. He has only been in one movie that I truly loathed his character. Which means he did his job excellently. He managed to take his career from playing a space rogue to playing everything else, then coming full circle back to said rogue. Harrison Ford is ageless, timeless and never disappoints.

Ronald Raegan, even though he is no longer with us, he remains a fixture in my heart. I love him, I miss him, and I miss his humor, his strength of character and just him. I can see him and Nancy dancing in heaven, he never disappointed me.

Jude Deveraux, her books never let me down, I have been reading her since I was in my early 20’s. For those of you keeping count, it’s a long time. She has recently switched genre and she continues to delight me with her characters and even her series with the same family. I will buy any book that woman writes. 

Which brings me to my number 1 never disappoints:

Dean Cain, I fell in love in 1993, he was quite simply the most beautiful man I had ever seen in my entire life. Still true today, I don’t know what kind of deal he has, but it’s working. I know God and I have a deal, regarding my looks, I wonder if Dean has the same deal. I will still watch anything that man is in, I will buy Lois and Clark DVD’s and watch any series he appears in. except for the dating one he did, I refuse to watch that. Dean choosing a woman other than me! A travesty I tell you. He is still the prettiest man on the planet and I dare say others in the universe. The more I see of him, the more I am not disappointed, he is not only pretty, he is intelligent, well-spoken and makes though provoking points. I really love a man that not only looks good, but sounds good as well.

There you have it, a smidgen of a list of celebrities I am not disappointed with as the years go by. Do you have a list? I would be curious to know who has not disappointed you. As usual you can comment here or send me a missive at


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