Happy Birthday Elizabeth Anne

Dear Elizabeth Anne,

Today is the day of your great arrival in this world, it was a day that was filled with greatness.

I loved you before you were born, I knew without one doubt you were going to be a girl, I had everything pink picked out.

Everyone tried to tell me you would be a boy, the odds were against me. Two boys before you, but I knew, you were going to be a girl.

Everyone was wrong, you were the daughter I dreamed of, I prayed for you before you were here, God did not disappoint.

You were born with so much personality, you knew what you wanted from the beginning. Animals, the cat was drawn to you, wanted to be with you, I had to get him out of your crib so many times.

I am proud of the woman you became, your deep love of animals have continued. Your farm and the way you have so many animals and such a variety, it is breathtaking.

You have personality traits of both me and your father and the combination equals total greatness.

I admire your tenacity, stubbornness, caring nature and your ability to see things as they are. You do not react on emotion, you react on facts, I like to believe you got that from me.

I asked for a daughter just like you, from your straight dark hair to your larger than life personality. God never disappoints, you are the daughter of my prayers.

Was it all sugar and spice and everything nice? no, but that is what happens when two people have the same amount of stubbornness and the belief that they are right.

It was all worth it, I’d do it all over again, from the very beginning, when I found out I was pregnant with you and began that conversation with God. You are exactly the person you are supposed to be.

I love you so much Elizabeth Anne, I hope your birthday year is filled with all of the amazing goodness that God has to offer. Go on adventures, see new things, don’t be afraid to go after whatever it is you want in life. Never forget, you are named after two Queens, brave Queens who made their worlds into something completely different from where it started. 



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