Last Day of Valentines Week

For my last post I’d like to end with a poem my mother wrote. My mom loved words, she was a published author and had such a way of saying things. After all of these years I am still amazed at my mothers God given abilities. I hope you all enjoy her poem.


I Walked In Gethsemane


Lord, I feel akin to Thee

For I’ve trodden Gethsemane

In the dark and gloomy night

With no ray of hope or light.


Doubt of safety for one dear

Sent me there in deepest fear

In despair I wandered on

Thinking I was there alone.


Then in mists of twilight dew

I saw there were others, too

Other figures, shadowed, still

That in life I knew so well.


Some walked aimless, to and fro

Lost in fear and deepest woe

A gray haired mother, bent with grief

Knelt to pray in sweet relief.


Friends and loved ones dear to me

I tried to reach with sympathy

But my own doubt drove me on

In Gethsemane, alone.


I wanted much to still the fears

Of a girl who sat in tears

But in my stumbling, doubting way

I found I knew not what to say.


Then a voice out of the deep

Whispered softly “Do not weep”

I wondered if each one could hear

That voice so soft and yet so clear.


“Faith and comfort I could give

If for Me you’d daily live.

I could be your Guiding Star

Moving doubt and fear afar.”


Then like clouds of morning light

Banished were the fears of night.

Faiths fair light rose bright and clear

And I knew ’twas Christ so near.


As I stood He seemed to say

Some are here who’ve lost the way

Go and tell the story sweet

Of a Heaven of Retreat.

Odela Testerman

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