My Perfect Man

Since I promised I would start dating if Dean Cain doesn’t marry me in March, perhaps April, I thought I would give a list of requirements.

6ft tall, I am 5’4” and I like wearing heels.

Hair would be nice, I really like dark hair and neatly groomed. I like a nicely trimmed beard, not a biker beard. You know the kind, the ones you find food in, that is just gross.

Eyes would be nice, two if at all possible.

Be able to dance, I miss dancing, I really like it, so yes please to dancing.

An OU fan, or at least not an UT fan, they are beyond annoying, as I am sure they will say the same about us. Oh and I don’t think I could date a Nebraska Cornhusker, we used to be huge rivals back in the day and who’s to say we wouldn’t have flashbacks.

Someone who reads, I read a lot, so a reader would be nice. We don’t have to read the same books, in fact I think a man who reads romance novels might be a little weird. So different genres definitely.

I like television, I cannot lie, I like all kinds of different shows as well. No reality tv, no bachelor, bachelorette, stars dancing or singers singing. Sci-fi, super hero, vampire biting and those things, yes.

Going to the movies, a must.

If you have never seen Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Gallactica then I am probably not the woman for you.

Someone who exercises, I would like to have a workout partner. He doesn’t have to eat super healthy but eating the way I do would be a huge bonus.

Oh, if he could cook, major points, I mean I can cook, but a lot of times I choose not to, and I don’t know if I am that great at it.

Guns, yes, I grew up in the country and am very comfortable with them, I don’t think I would get along with a man who was anti-gun.

Someone who wants to travel, I find I like to travel and I don’t want to spend my life sitting at home. Watching paint dry or peel or whatever paint does when one is watching it.

Oh speaking of paint drying, no soccer people, ever, never, I refuse.

Sports in general, I mean I do enjoy a live game,  I am all for that, but sitting at home watching it, I’d rather be reading, or skating or watching paint dry.

A sense of humor is a must, I am really funny fo him finding me funny is a necessity.

So, if we can put all of that into a dating app and find the perfect man for me, let’s do it. You know, if I don’t marry Dean Cain. It could happen, I am incredibly charming.

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