No Joke

So March is over and I didn’t marry Dean Cain. Sad. So very sad. With that being said I will keep my word and download Bumble, I will allow BBFF and his GF to write my bio and Shay will pick out my pictures. Let’s see how many ways I can get rejected and how many men I can reject. Let the games begin!

In other news I downloaded the DC Universe app and am binging on Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman and Lois and Clark: the new adventures of Superman. One has to wonder what kind of man is going to be attracted to a nerdy 55 year old woman.

I have often said this incarnation of the Superman lore is my favorite, not just because of Dean Cain. But because in this one Superman is the disguise.

Anyway, here I sit binge watching shows I’ve seen a million times.

Also, my hair is purple, that should narrow down my suitors as well. This should be fun.

I’ve been researching cruises, I’m not a huge water fan but friends of mine went on an Alaskan cruise a while back and I loved their photos. It is making me want to go on one, I don’t know if Elizabeth Anne would allow me to drag her to Alaska. That might be one I do by myself.

I went to church with friends of mine on Sunday, I usually work on Sundays but I had this past one off and I was asked so I went.

The sermon really has me thinking, he said sometimes we have to put action behind our prayers. It really made me think, he’s right, don’t get me wrong, prayer is a really good thing, and God does answer prayer, but there does come a time when we are called to action.

We cannot ignore that call when God makes it, we have to be willing as well. I am bad about staying in my house and not springing into action. I’m trying to be better about that, I enjoyed the sermon very much. I’m very thankful my friends didn’t ignore that call to action to invite people to their church.

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