Into the Breach

So, BBFF is determined to have me keep my word and create a dating profile, so he asked me to send him my profile so he and GF could tweak said profile. That went something like this:

BBFF: send me your dating profile so we can tweak it:
Me: purple haired 55 year old comic book reading, superhero movie watcher seeks semi-normal man.
Him: seriously?  (I must interject here, even though we were chatting via computer, I could very literally envision BBFF saying seriously. I wish you could all hear it, he can combine the perfect amount of condescension, incredulousness and pathos in that one word, oh and the look that goes with it, slightly tilted head while looking down his nose. it is perfection).

Me: if you’re not afraid of Margo, Cordy or scary Willow call me.
Him: ………..
Me: OU fan seeks non-UT fan.
He gave up at that point. 

I edited it later to add must love Flerkens as I am a proud owner of one.

But seriously, is there a man out there that is age appropriate that actually knows the names Margo, Cordy and scary Willow? If there is, can he be semi-normal? I consider myself a non-normal, barely human, should have been born on Vulcan or Krypton being. Finding someone who compliments that combination is a tall order. Also, have i mentioned i’m shallow? I am, I have done the whole looking past looks thing and it never works out for me. I’m done, I still have my looks, for now, and I would like to meet someone who still has theirs.  I am still holding out for a Dean Cain, someone with his qualities, someone with his looks would be a huge bonus. if nothing else the dating app will definitely keep me in subjects for my online readers.

Age appropriate as well, no one who is the age of my children, that is icky, if I could have given birth to you I most certainly am not going to date you. Also, if he is of parental age for me, no go, that would put him at 75 and above, seriously not looking for that. I know, that is ageist as well, I’m not going to apologize for that, because I know men who are also shallow and ageist. I don’t feel bad for being the same way. I am still holding

On Sunday I will allow Shay to pick my photos in preparation for BBFF and his GF coming up with a blurb that succinctly describes me and all of my quirkiness. and yes, I do have purple hair now, I am going to go back and get it all over with highlights to make it pop.

of course if anyone has any comments, questions or criticisms you can leave them here or email me at


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