Don’t Talk in Movies

I had a blog all planned, however, someone posted something on Facebook that I cannot let go.

You can all thank Julio for this one, so, apparently a woman, in Texas, asked her boyfriend (article says common-law husband) a question in a movie.

That’s right in a movie, first of all, who talks in the movies? I need to know because you and I will never go to the movies together. There is nothing more irritating than paying money to see a movie and someone talks that is not on the screen.

I wouldn’t have answered her either, I taught my children early on, don’t talk during the movie. yes, even at home, we are watching a movie, keep your comments and questions until the end. Then we will address all of your concerns, chances are your questions will be answered during said movie anyway.

Let’s get back to the incident at hand, she asked him if he thought she was pretty. He said he didn’t hear her, she beat the living daylights out of him. I am not condoning her behavior, but let’s break it down, shall we. First of all, normal women only ask that if the man in her life has stopped telling her that. That is a fact, she is insecure, maybe she put on a few pounds, maybe she got a bad haircut (it happens) or maybe she had a bad day at work. Whatever the situation, she is only asking because she hasn’t been told in a while that she is pretty.

We all like to hear it, and hear it from someone who is supposed to love us. I know that in relationships it gets easy during the day-to-day minutia to lose the romance of it all.

The beginning is all fun and games and filled with romance, then as time goes on both parties forget to do the things that won the other party to begin with.

Tell the woman she’s pretty and not in a Joey Tribiani kind of way, don’t do the you’re so pretty meaning she’s kind of slow.

Look her straight in the eye and say sometimes I forget to say it, but you are really pretty today. It doesn’t take much, I promise, then you won’t get beat up on date night.

Seriously though, I am in no way condoning this woman’s behavior, it was way over the top.

My point is what happened over the past few days to facilitate it. I have a theory, and it is not a popular one, but here goes, we all have that gene in us, that will allow us to turn on a dime, it just has to be triggered.

I am a rational, sane (BBFF stop laughing, I can hear you) person, but when that trigger is pulled, believe me, I can go all kinds of crazy on you.

It takes a lot, text messages at 3 am asking the man I’m seeing if he wants to see someone else that night. Or say, for instance, staying out until 5 am in the morning when his children are there. Things of that nature tend to trigger my crazy.

Other than that, I am the most rational human on the face of the planet.

Lessons we can take from here:

Don’t talk in movies

Don’t ask a man if he thinks your pretty in the middle of said movie

Tell your significant other how attractive you find them

Not a hard lesson, unless you are the one who was beaten up.

Any questions, comments or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at

FYI I think she was totally in the wrong and should face the consequences of her actions. That should have in no way triggered that kind of response.

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