Dream or Nightmare?

Ok so, the strange dreams just keep coming. Last night I had a dream that someone was impersonating a friend of mine who has passed away. She went home several years ago and I miss her very much.

Well this woman shows up and just assumes her identity. She was trying to convince myself and several other mutual friends that she was indeed our dead friend.

She convinced my friends mother (who is also passed) that she was her daughter. It was so weird, I kept saying no, this is not our friend. My voice was completely drowned out. I woke with a start and scared Fat Catstard.

My subconscious or God is trying to tell me something. I need to figure it out fast. These dreams are getting in the way of my dreams of Dean Cain.

Nothing new on the dating front, I did swipe right on one, said hello, he said hello back. Then he deleted me. I guess I didn’t say hello the right way. I laughed so hard because it is exactly what I do. Maybe that was meant to teach me a lesson, but it didn’t.

I really believe in my heart of hearts I am going to marry Dean. So there’s that.

Ok still looking for a dream expert. If you know what my dreams are trying to tell me I would love to know.

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