Falling Apart

I think I’m falling apart, I did something to my right knee and left arm. Also I have had digestion issues going on for a while.

So today I took myself to task for not taking care of myself. I dug through my Doterra oils and found the DigestZen, two drops in 4 ounces of water and within 10 minutes I felt instantly better. I did that two more times and I am feeling so much better.

Next up my knee, a few weeks back I was standing in CVS and turned and felt my knee pop. That is the only word I have for it, pop, the only thing I could do was stand there. It has been hurting like crazy since.

Today I heated up my leg and took my handy dandy Mini 2 Fasciablaster and went to work on it. It is not as good as new but it feels so much better. I have not worked on my shoulder yet. I’ll do that tomorrow.

Is it age? I mean I am 55, not on any medications, my blood pressure is perfect, cholesterol incredibly low and I have no insomnia. Maybe this is just the price I pay for all of that.

In other news it is curly hair season, officially, the humidity will kill me. Or my hair.

Oh have I mentioned I have discovered Chuck, a delightful Zachary Levi show that is now defunct. I honestly don’t know how I missed this when it was on television.

The cameos are awesome! Scott Bakula as Chuck’s dad is so much fun, especially when he says “oh boy”. I’ll be sad when I watch all of the seasons, but until then I shall enjoy.

It’s on Amazon Prime if anyone would like to check it out. I’ll put the links for the DigestZen and the Fasciablaster in case you want to research them.



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