Little Things

I talked to a man today that touched my soul. He called in with a problem that really wasn’t within my purview.

He told me he had been up all night trying to figure it out and just wasn’t able to. I explained about my scope of support, but if he was willing I’d be happy to google how to fix his problem and see if we could get it taken care of. He readily agreed, it took an hour but we fixed his issue working together.

During the course of our interaction he began telling me about himself. He has colon cancer and by the time they found it, judging by the size of the tumor he had been walking around with it for 5 years. He is two years into treatment.

What struck me was his attitude, he was kind, gracious and very patiently followed all of my directions.

He began to tell me how God was working in his life and how he was using his time to tell people about God and the things He was doing in his life.

I told him I would be praying for him, he thanked me and we hung up.

This is the exact reason I love my job, every day I make a little bit of difference in someone’s life by helping them lessen a little of their stress. Dealing with electronics can be stressful.

We go through life never really knowing the effect we have on people, positive or negative. If we are fortunate we get to see a glimpse of how God uses us mortals.

I am grateful I was the one who got to speak to that particular customer and help them with their issue.

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