No Need

I wonder when it’s time to say enough is enough. God doesn’t want me to meet Dean Cain and there are no other viable options.

I’m perfectly happy by myself, am I a little concerned about dying alone and Fat Catstard eating my face. Yes, but considering what type of men are attracted to me, it’s time to just stop.

My BBFF says that my lobster is out there and I shouldn’t think like this. But what if I already know who my lobster is I will never get to meet him.

What if my lobster isn’t attracted to me? When do I just accept that I’m not supposed to be with anyone.

Let’s face it, I’m really weird for a woman my age, I like strange things and I have secret single behaviors that at this juncture of my of my life I’m not willing to give up.

For instance while I’m cooking I put my headset on and listen to music. Not unusual in itself, but I also sing at the top of my lungs and dance. When the notes are a certain pitch, Stormie joins in. I really don’t want anyone witnessing that behavior. If I were married I’d have to stop doing it. I don’t want to stop. I love singing, I have a horrible singing voice. A great speaking voice, horrible singing. Its sad really, I love singing, God really didn’t bestow any talents on me. Wait, is weirdness a talent?

If it is I have an over abundance of it, on the flip side I don’t have anyone judging me for all of my nonconformity. I can watch what I want, relax in whatever fashion I want, buy the shoes I want. It’s a great life.

That’s the pitfall of having a great life and being good alone, you don’t need anyone else.

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