Superman and the American Way

You know when you have that favorite show? The one that is your go to when you’re sad, out of sorts, lonely or just want a quick pick me up.

I have several but my ultimate favorite is Lois and Clark, no huge surprise here. As I watched the pilot episode again last night (for the bazillionth time) I realized how much I am still struck every single time by how pretty Dean Cain is.

Especially that first gratuitous shirtless scene, I don’t think Terri Hatcher was faking that speechless look. We all had it, some of us still do.

I, for one, am super happy (see what I did there) that Dean won the role of Clark Kent. No one could have played him better, part innocence, part worldly and always stand for truth, justice and the American way.

That’s what Superman has always stood for, when did we start watering that down? When did that become a bad thing?

As the Fourth of July approaches I am a little more patriotic (I am always patriotic but it becomes more intensive). I know I’ve mentioned before that my family fought for the freedom of this country starting in 1774. I am intensely proud to be an American.

I do hope everyone has a fantastic Independence Day and fly that flag, wear the red, white and blue!

Just some random thoughts.

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