God Bless America

Home of the free because of the brave, the credo of The United States of America. I love those words, they have great meaning in my family.

My earliest memories are of my grandpa telling me stories about General Washington, yes, General, not President. Due to that I was shocked when I went to kindergarten and found out he was our first president. I remember excitedly telling my grandpa all about it.

The very first of that side of my family fought in the Revolutionary war, we are so proud of that. Because of that I feel like my family history is interwoven with America’s history.

We have fought in every war this country has had since the beginning, defending her, defending the freedoms afforded in this country.

There is no other like her, and yes, I do refer to our country as her, probably because of Lady Liberty. We defend liberty, there really is no other country like ours.

We are an unique blend here, we come from everywhere, some of us have been here for centuries (my grandmother’s family has been here since at least the 1600’s and my grandfather’s since 1774). I feel a kinship with her, I will defend her as well.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, we are not guaranteed happiness, but the right to pursue it. There is a difference there, no one can guarantee another happiness, our own happiness is dependent on ourselves. But we do have the right to pursue it.

I make no apologies for being as patriotic as I am, I am an American, right after Christian.

I am so happy I have the right to sit in my home and write anything I want, I am so happy I have the right to work where I want, or can find employment, I am so happy I have the right to wear what I want without fear of imprisonment or worse.

All of that is thanks to the brave who secured my freedom. So today, on our Nations Birthday, I want to thank every single soldier, past, present and our future ones. You have given up so much so we can enjoy so much, without you as our first line of defense we would have no chance in this world.

Thank you for your sacrifices, for your families sacrifices, without their willingness to let you do what you do we would have nothing.

God Bless you and God Bless America.

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