Meaningful Connections

Ok, so, today at work I had to do some training modules. One of them was titled Meaningful Connections. I became very excited by the title, I thought finally, after 22 years with this company a training that is useful. It’s going to tell me how to meet Dean Cain, I mean seriously what could be a more meaningful connection?

I was wrong, so very wrong, there was one useful aspect of the training. I took a test to find out what kind of bird I am. Kind of scary considering Fat Catstard, I’m guessing he likes birds. A little too much.

Turns out I am a peacock, that was the second time I took it. The first time it was horribly wrong, it said I was an owl. A lover of mathematics, great not only was I not learning how to meet DC I was thrown into a math universe. Not cool.

So I took it again and it made me a peacock. I am much more comfortable being the center of attention. After all I do have my own world.

Apparently I am social, the life of the party and quite talkative. I can live with that.

On a totally unrelated topic, my youngest son sent me a text asking if I still had my Joseph Campbell books and could he borrow them. I consider it a major nerd mom win.

I very happily located them and took them to his house. I can hardly wait to discuss them with him.

Well, that is my world today, next week is my annual week with Tess. We are very excited.

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