Happy Birthday Tessa

Dear Tessa,

Today we mark the day you made your entrance into our lives and this world. I am so proud and happy that I get to be your Gigi.

You are smart, funny, beautiful and slightly dark. I love how Darth Vader is your favorite character and how you want to be a Sith Lord and not a princess.

You are the perfect EIT (Empress in Training), plotting your takeover at every turn. You definitely keep me on my toes.

I love our conversations, I get to see your heart and it is spectacular.

I pray you always keep your curiosity, your innocent way of looking at the world.

I love it when you text me that you believe there are ghosts in your Aunt Elizabeth’s office and how you are trying to capture them with your camera.

I love that you have a deep love for Harry Potter and a real sense of right and wrong.

Happy Birthday my sweet, beautiful girl.



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