Forever a Nerd

Last week was a little busy, it was my annual week with Tess. It was spent bowling and laser tag with Uncle Alex, painting with Elicia, Shazam, Spider-Man Far From Home and I got to introduce her to the joys of the comic book store.

I genuinely love getting to introduce my loves to my granddaughter. We bought a Batman comic, a Harley Quinn keychain and a Vision big headed thing. Like a vinyl pop but not. Those were all for Tess.

For me I found a Superman vs Captain Marvel, currently known as Shazam. 1978 publishing date and three Buffy comics.

I hope I never grow up if it means leaving those things behind.

I know one day she will outgrow wanting to spend time with her Gigi, but for now I shall enjoy the fact that she seems to like talking to me and hearing my stories. Which I tell ad nauseam.

I spend a lot of time alone these days so when I have someone to talk to I have a feeling I talk too much. I’m going to need to watch that, no one likes a talker.

I’ve been off of work for a week and just went back today, I could use another week off. I can’t even tell you any of the problems I helped with today.

They are all a blur. I’m very tired. Signing off. Must remember to stop by the comic book store tomorrow, the Buffy comics I was looking for are in.

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