Why I am Single

Summer is fully upon us here in North Texas. I think you can all guess as to my feelings on this time of year. I am not a fan. Give me snow covered mountains every day of the year.

Yes, I am aware that I live in the wrong state for that. Oh well, one can’t have everything. I have so much that I should stop complaining about the heat. But I shan’t.

Today my bestie, Shay, asked me for the hundredth time why I’m not dating. I told her I would date when Dean Cain shows up at my door. So basically never.

She is not the only one asking that, my BBFF also asked me why I don’t feel the need to date.

Here is my answer and it’s the truth: Because I love my life. I am not willing to sacrifice the peace I have found to allow someone else in.

And it’s true, when you allow someone into your life your comfort is displaced. You do have to sacrifice some things to make room. I’m not at the point where I want to do give up or make room.

Clark has Lois, Chuck has Sarah, the Joker has Harley Quinn and I have a Dire wolf and a Flerken.

Besides Jennifer Styers says women my age should just crawl in a hole and die. Which I’m not willing to do either.

I’m still holding out for a Dean, my own Superman. I’ve been through enough in my life that I feel I deserve someone of that caliber and I’m not willing to settle.

On another note as I have stated before, in my line of work I get to talk to a lot of interesting people. I spoke to a man who has written a book and has his own website.

I, of course, asked if I could check it out and he gave me the websites name. I will be checking it out tomorrow and I will let you all know what I think and if I recommend it.

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